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Welcome! We invite you to a courageous space free of shame, stigma, judgment, and bias to join a community of concerned Black/African American Angelinos who are committed to reducing and ultimately eliminating the unprecedented and disproportionate impact HIV/AIDS has on our community.

tyler nix was developed as a community response to bring awareness, education + empowerment, and tools + resources to assist in taking personal and collective responsibility in promoting safer sex practices. Unlike what our community has experienced historically and to date, HIV/AIDS does NOT discriminate – if you are sexually active, you are at risk. Regardless of how you identify, the type of sex you are having and who you are having it with, you are at a higher risk of being impacted by this disease. The adage “reach one, teach one” is true and it is our hope that the information shared in this website inspires you to advocate for the sexual health and wellness of our community as our choices as individuals affects our outcomes as a community.

Please join us as we create a movement ahead of February 7, 2020 National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NBHAAD) by taking action in solidarity to reduce and ultimately eliminate the disproportionate impact this disease is having on our Black/African American community once and for all.

The information contained in this portal include local and national HIV/AIDS data, local prevention and treatment resources and Los Angeles-based access points to HIV testing, PrEP/PEP, and other HIV related services and programs.

Black/African American Community (BAAC) Task Force Recommendations

October 10, 2019
The BAAC Task Force was formed in response to the Commission on HIV’s (COH) February 14, 2019 National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NBHAAD) Panel discussion in an effort to address the disproportionate impact of HIV/AIDS in the Black/African American (AA) communities of Los Angeles County.
The BAAC Task Force convened on April 30, 2019 to develop a progressive and inclusive agenda to address and provide recommendations to the COH on how to reduce and ultimately eliminate the disproportionate impact of HIV/AIDS and STIs in all subsets of the Black/AA community utilizing a community-wide mobilization effort.
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